Enjoy a complete sauna experience from the comfort of home. Am-Finn's indoor modular saunas are completely free-standing units, they come in standard sizes that suit user's personal preferences and exact space requirements.


Each modular sauna is designed to achievea beautiful look while offering simple assembly. Every sauna we ship out is pre-assembled and the disassembled to ensure correct fitment and functionality. Wherever you have open space, the traditional indoor modular sauna is an excellent choice for flexibility and style.


- 7/16" x 6" Alaskan Yellow Cedar Tongue and Groove panels for all     Walls and Ceiling (Vertical Installation)

- 1” x 4” Western Red Cedar Benches & Supports

- Matching Trim for Ceiling, Corners, and Base

- Standard with Stainless Steel Am-Finn Heater with External  Controls

- Pre-Hung Solid-Core Western Red Cedar Door w/ glass vision panel

- Western Red Cedar Bench Skirts

- Black True Tile Flooring for Walking Area (Does not cover under benches)

- FSK Vapor Barrier

- Vapor Proof Wall Light

- Deluxe Wall Thermometer/Hygrometer

- Wooden Bucket and Wooden Ladle

- Hardware for Assembly

This modular sauna is for inside use. Outdoor versions, that contain a roof kit, are available for upgrade.


"Euro-Trim design" or "Full-Length" (for an extra 10% charge).  Euro-trim design enables lower boards to be removed/replaced without having to replace entire wall. Full length boards are also available up to 84" in length.