Enjoy a complete sauna experience from the comfort of home. Am-Finn's outdoor modular saunas are completely free-standing units, they come in standard sizes that suit user's personal preferences and exact space requirements.


Each modular sauna is designed to achieve a beautiful look while offering simple assembly. Every sauna we ship out is pre-assembled and the disassembled to ensure correct fitment and functionality. Wherever you have open space, the traditional outdoor modular sauna is an excellent choice for flexibility and style.


- 7/16" x 6" Western Red Cedar Tongue and Groove panels for all Walls and Ceiling (Vertical Installation)

- 1” x 4” Western Red Cedar Benches & Supports

- Matching Trim for Ceiling, Corners, and Base

- Standard with Stainless Steel Am-Finn Heater with External  Controls

- Pre-Hung Solid-Core Western Red Cedar Door w/ glass vision panel

- Western Red Cedar Bench Skirts

- Black True Tile Flooring for Walking Area (Does not cover under benches)

- FSK Vapor Barrier

- Vapor Proof Wall Light

- Deluxe Wall Thermometer/Hygrometer

- Wooden Bucket and Wooden Ladle

- Hardware for Assembly

This modular sauna is for inside use. Outdoor versions, that contain a roof kit, are available for upgrade.


"Euro-Trim design" or "Full-Length" (for an extra 10% charge).  Euro-trim design enables lower boards to be removed/replaced without having to replace entire wall. Full length boards are also available up to 96" in length.