Sauna Planning Guide

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Welcome to our guide. This will help you navigate the sauna options. We hope this provides all of the information you'll need in order to decide on the sauna of your dreams!

Step 1: Choose Your Sauna Type

There are two main types

An Interior Pre-cut DIY Sauna Kit is a permanent installation into a pre-framed and insulated commercial or residential room. The kit will include all of the sauna interior parts designed to fit into the rough opening (length x width x height, stud to stud) of the sauna space. Designed by our team of experts and engineers, our Sauna kits are built to fit your needs and budget. 

With our DIY Sauna Kits, essentially any room in the house can be converted to a home sauna. Our Pre-Cut Sauna Kits are meant to be an affordably priced alternative to modular indoor or outdoor saunas, especially for those DIY home owners, with easy to follow installation instructions and our team of experts to guide you through the process.

A Modular Sauna Kits is a free-standing unit that requires no framing. Our Modular Saunas are available in both indoor and outdoor designs. The kit includes modular panels that are pieced together.

Modular Kits are meant to be placed on top of a waterproof, leveled floor (concrete, tile, brick, etc).  

Outdoor Modular Saunas include an outdoor roof assembly while our Modular Indoor Saunas include a roof assembly that is not intended for outdoor/weather exposure.

Below are important Sauna Components to consider when planning your sauna.  Don't worry if you're not sure about some details. At we are the sauna experts. We have years of experience and can walk you through every step.  Just give us a call! 

(800)-237-2862 or shoot us an email

Step 2: Plan Your Interior


What is your interior room size for your Interior Pre-Cut Sauna?  Length x Width x Height (7' Ceilings are industry standard)
What type of framing do you have? Framing specs - Ex. 2x4, 2x6, concrete blocks or metal studs? - See our Sauna Room Prep Guide
Do you have the proper insulation? R13 factor is recommended for Sauna walls and R19 factor is recommended for Sauna ceiling - See our Sauna Room Prep Guide
What is the size of your floor slab (width and depth) if you are ordering a Modular Indoor or Modular Outdoor Sauna Kit ?
What are the ADA Requirements for saunas?

interior options

Do you have a specific direction that you would like your Sauna Wood Paneling to run for your Interior Pre-Cut Sauna ? Vertical or horizontal?
What is the existing floor type where sauna will be installed? 
Would you like to add PVC Floor Tiles or Cedar Duckboard Tiles.  Both types of flooring will lay down on top of your existing flooring and can be removed for cleaning purposes.
Do you prefer single level or double level Sauna Benches?
Do you prefer traditional Western Red Cedar Sauna materials or customize your Sauna with Himalayan Salt and/or Hand-Finished Sauna boards?

Step 3: Choose Your Doors & Windows

Wood options & finishes available on

Clear & Tinted options available on

What type of Sauna Door do you prefer? Standard Wood Sauna Door with glass window or Full Glass Sauna Door?
Do you prefer a right or left hinge Sauna Door?  Hinge side is determined by looking at the door from outside of the Sauna -See our Sauna Door Guide.
What is the rough opening of your door? The width and height dimensions of the opening where the door will be installed. - See our Sauna Door Guide.
Interested in windows?  Please provide the quantity, size and location in your Sauna room. - See our Sauna Window Guide.

Step 4: Choose Your Sauna Heater

Do you prefer a Gas Sauna Heater, Electric Sauna Heater, Wood-burning Sauna Heater or an Infrared Sauna Heater?
Electric Sauna Heater preference is either 240 or 208 volt with 1 or 3 phase

Heater Installation and field wiring should be handled by a licensed electrician.

What kind of Heater Control do you prefer? offers on-heater controls or exterior controls (manual or digital).

Step 5: Add Some Accessories

There are so many ways to customize your sauna with these accessories.

Would you like to further customize your Sauna with different colored Sauna Rocks?

Would you like to add an Auto-Sterilization unit to your Sauna room and/or any other room in your home?

Would you like to add Sauna Pillows to your room?

Do you need a Towel Peg for either inside or outside your sauna room?

How about changing the mood of your sauna with the Himalayan Salt Sconce or the Cedar Corner Shade?

Would you like to add Aromatherapy to your sauna room?

Email us at if you have custom plans. Be as detailed or simple as you like. Simple line sketches or full architectural drawings work great!